Pens, Pencils and Writing Instruments

We include pens and writing instruments as a sub-category of promotional products because that is how they are most often used.  However, more expensive pens make an excellent gift to show your appreciation and would therefore be appropriate to list as a gift or award.

Used generally for promotional purposes, a huge variety of pens are available to create the perfect impression.  From wild and carefree to reliable sophistication, we can offer you a pen that sends just the right message.  Ranging in price from under $.70 to well over $20, there is a pen available that fits your need.

FC-057 Silver

Pens can be made of plastic or metal and use various mechanisms for writing -- ball point, rollerball, felt-tip, etc.  They come in all shapes and colors.  They all share 2 common characteristics -- they are needed and they are used -- all the time.

Because we are looking to promote or recognize, the pens we provide include a custom imprint.  Depending on the pen, you can choose to imprint simple lines of text or multicolor graphics.  Most pens have room to imprint an organization name and logo and up to 4 additional lines.  We use a variety of techniques for applying your imprint - silkscreening, pad printing, and laser engraving.


While there are many thousands of pen styles available, we have chosen to illustrate some of the most popular styles.  You may find all of them under the category of pens.  Selected items are displayed under the various customer themes.   If you don’t find one that meets your needs, please contact us.