Calendars, Planners and Record Books

Calendars, planners and record books are very popular items for promoting your company.  Products that are used everyday, they are ideal for keeping your name in front of your customer or client.

Desk and wall calendars are a staple of many organizations.  Imprinted with your company name, they are distributed to your customers who remember you each time they check the date.  With a huge variety of  themes, it’s easy to find just the style which conveys just the right image.

Pocket and desk planners take this a step further.  Your customers will find them indispensable.  Imprinted with your company name, address and contact information, your customers will remember you each and every day.

In addition to calendars and planners, we also offer different types of record books to make it easy for your customers to maintain important information.  For many people, an auto log is indispensable for keeping track of trips and mileage for tax purposes.  And our new, exclusive medical record book is extremely useful for documenting prescriptions and important medical information.  Your customers will love receiving these items from you.

Calendars, planners and record books are an extremely low-cost way to keep your name in front of your customers.  With prices as low as $1.10 each, there are very few products which offer this kind of promotional muscle.  Visit our Online Store to see just a few of the types we have available.  You may find all of them under the category of planners/record books.  Selected items are displayed under the various customer themes.   If you don’t find one that meets your needs, please contact us.

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